How are we contributing?

As a way of giving back to our community and those who are in need, 10% of all profits generated from our brand is donated directly to the Mahak Society to Support Children with Cancer.

What is Mahak?

The Mahak Society to Support Children with Cancer is a non-governmental organization in Tehran dedicated to helping Iranian children with cancer.

The organisation was founded in 1991 by Saideh Ghods who had experienced having a child with cancer and had witnessed first hand the difficulties faced by her child, and pledged that she would set up a center that would act as a sanctuary for children and their families in a similar situation.

What You Can Do Right Now

  • Shop Responsibly

    As a shopper, you can do a little extra homework to find companies (like us!) that promote sustainable supply chains, recyclability, fair wages, and eco-friendly manufacturing practices. All of these create a better world.

  • Spread the Word

    Social media gives us a unique place to share our lives, interests, and the causes we champion. Give a shout out to an organization you love, or organize an online fundraiser to help support a cause.

  • Give Back

    Everyone who visits and shops at Tehran Apparel is already doing their part to give to the cause. We donate 10% of all profits to The Mahak Society in Iran. Feel like doing more? Make a direct donation!